Power Quality Analysis 

We can provide harmonic analysis through monitoring G5/4 & G5/5 measurement for existing systems and to prove the validity of G5/4 & G5/5 predictions given from protection studies. The electrical power system is often an overlooked aspect, but it is one of the most important assets within your business.  

Get the best from your equipment 

With the use of our cutting edge high speed data loggers, we are able to monitor electrical power systems to help determine the harmonic content (harmonic analysis to the 127th), quality of supply, system and load management, power factor, transients, and switching commutation (to name only a few). With the correct analysis carried out, plans can be made to improve the electrical infrastructure, potentially reducing penalty costs imposed by the DNO and also prolong equipment life. 

Connection & Programming 

Once connected to your electrical system, our data loggers can be programmed and monitored via blue-tooth connection meaning that providing there is sufficient space within the item to be monitored, panels can be replaced for safety as measurement leads will not need to be exposed. 
Data logger monitoring via intranet / internet access is also possible. 

Existing Load Measurement 

We can measure maximum and minimum loads for sites over any period of time to help determine the impact and viability of introducing embedded generation solutions whether for solar, wind, CHP or a combination of all. With our export limiting solutions, we can also help to tailor the system for appropriate energy generation and usage. 

Benefits to clients 

Reduced risk of events causing loss of revenue - Loss of supply and sub-optimal load operation on-site 
Fast resolution of power quality problems / power interruptions / sags / surges etc. 
Potentially reduced maintenance costs of the network and assets 
Reduced equipment replacement costs by prolonging asset life 
Can budget more easily for new equipment and timetable upgrades rather than emergency repairs with asset profiling. 
Potentially reduced Power Factor penalties from the DNO. 
Build & establish confidence in the Electrical System 
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